Detailed Schedule for Preview Day

Schedule for Monday, September 26: 
10:00am – Dr. Kelley fellowship time with Extension Center professors/directors
10:00am–  Dr. Rhonda Kelley meeting with female students and student wives
10:00am – Supervised Ministry – Dr. Bo Rice and Dr. Mark Tolbert (co-teaching)
10:00am – Word Studies – Dr. Dean will come in at 10 and talk through the Mentoring program

11:00am – Chapel
12N – Lunch Provided by Jim ‘N Nicks (will include a word from Dr. Rhonda, Dr. Tolbert, and Dr. Key)

1:00pm – Dr. Rice will teach Proclaiming the Bible (CIV)
1:00pm – Dr. Tolbert will meet with the AL Extension Center directors re. Caskey
1:00pm – History of Christianity 1; Dr. Dean will come into this class around 2:00 to talk with Grad students about the Mentoring program

3:00pm – Snack Break; Dr. Dean will share a brief testimony and pray for the students
4:00pm – Depart for New Orleans


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