FREE Event…FREE elective course credit for students!

Preaching Conference for Website2

If you desire FREE course credit, please register for the following course via SELF SERVE:

  1.  For Graduate Program:  September Special Event/Conference Workshop-Preaching Events 9/16/16 7:00 pm-8:50 pm PREA5305-80 Special Event Preaching Conference, GA/Dr. Jonggil Lee; 9/17/16 8:00-6:30 pm *Check online for this syllabus:  PREA5303-80/Special Event Preaching Conference
  2. For Leavell College:  9/16/16- 5:00pm-6:50pm PMCM 2350-80/Preaching Events, GA-Dr. Jonggil Lee and 9/17/16 8:00-6:30pm  *Check online for this syllabus:  PMCM2350-80/Preaching Events
  3. For Certificate Program:  9/16/16 – 5:00pm – 6:50pm PMUS1112-800/Homiletics-Rev. Charles Owusu; 9/17/16 – 8:00am-6:30pm *Check online for this syllabus: PMUS1112-800/Homiletics

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