By Gary D. Myers

                 NEW ORLEANS—During their spring meeting April 16, the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Board of Trustees approved a new master of divinity specialization, removed the “on-campus” requirements for distance learning degrees. The new master of divinity specialization approved by trustees creates a more flexible degree plan with more options and electives. Called the M.Div. flexibility track, the specialization will provide more options for extension center students and transfer students seeking to complete their degrees. The flexibility track will also help those who earned a master of arts in Christian education or similar degree transfer their credits into an M.Div. program, which is required to qualify for advanced degree programs such as the doctor of ministry. After the meeting, President Kelley reiterated the seminary’s commitment to accessible education. He said that new initiatives like the M.Div. flexibility track, the removal of the “on-campus” requirements and the teaching sites are all designed to give students more options. “We are trying to make it possible for any student to fit theological education into their place in life and their calling from God,” Kelley said. “They will be able to flow from one form of theological education to another without penalty or extra barriers.” “So if they want to do online, classroom, residential, non-residential — anything from a certificate to a Ph.D. — we are designing our curriculum to allow the students to tailor their study to their calling and their circumstances.”



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