Ecuador Mission Trip Update

Birmingham – The Ecuador mission trip (August 1-9) is less than three months away! For those going on the mission trip, a $500 grant will be applied to curb the cost of the trip. This grant is given by a missions fund from main campus. This makes the trip only $1,500. If you are taking the class in conjunction with the trip, this grant pays for most of you tuition. Two classes will be offered for 3 credit hours in conjunction with the trip. The Graduate level course is DISC6390 “Clinical Field Project in Discipleship” and the Under-graduate course is PMCM 3380 “The Mission Experience.” Students can register for these classes on Self-serve. There is still room for anyone that would like to go on the trip. All checks, for the trip should be paid to Northpark Baptist Church. Tuition payments will be handled through the NOBTS Business Office. For any questions regarding the trip please stay in contact with Stephen Hall, StephenRHall5@gmail.com or call him at 205-540-6491.



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