NOBTS Announces Five New Online Degrees


New Orleans – The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) recently approved NOBTS to offer five additional fully-online degrees: the 84 hour Master of Divinity (MDiv), 65-66 hour Master of Arts of Christian Education (MACE), 48 hour Master of Arts (Apologetics), 45 hour Master of Arts (Cross-Cultural Studies), and 53 hour Master of Arts in Missions. NOBTS already offers three other online degrees, 49 hour Master of Theological Studies (MTS), 53-56 hour Master of Arts (Biblical Studies), and 58 hour Master of Arts (Theology). The great advantage of taking online classes from NOBTS is that students can mix other classes in with the online classes. The highest dropout rate in higher education is in online classes. But at NOBTS students may choose to mix their online classes with regular semester courses, hybrid courses, or workshop courses. The online degrees are perfect, of course, for students who serve in mission areas outside of the traditional South. For more information about the new online degree programs please visit www.nobts.edu/onlineseminary.



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