New Huntsville Center to Open in August


By Zach Kendrick

In 2014, New Orleans Seminary will be expanding the extension center system. Starting in the fall semester there will be five extension centers in Alabama, providing student across the state with theological education. Both the Tuscaloosa and Huntsville Centers will officially launch in August hosting Graduate level classes. (You can read more about the new Tuscaloosa Center and Director Billy Austin in the November 2013 edition of the Alabama Centers Gatekeeper). In this edition we want introduce you to the new North Alabama Center and Director David Cofield (read more on pg. 2). NOBTS has operated a certificate center at FBC Athens for years. David Cofield serves as the Director and has had the vision to open a full Graduate extension center in North Alabama for nearly twenty years. “I wanted it to happen, but thought it never would [happen] due to it being so close to Birmingham” he said, “but when NOBTS started expanding, Huntsville was a nature place.” Yet, Cofield was not the only one who had the vision to start a Graduate extension center in Huntsville. Dr. Lee Barnett, NOBTS alumnus and President of Legacy Christian University (formerly Heritage Bible College), approached Dr. Steve Lemke, the Provost at NOBTS about opening a Graduate Center at HBC. In June 2013 David Cofield was approached about being the Director of a new Graduate Center in Huntsville by Dr. Peter Kendrick, Director of the North Georgia Hub. “When he asked me [to be the director], I was excited” Cofield said.

The new North Alabama Center will meet at Whitesburg Baptist Church in partnership with LCU, serving students in North Alabama and southern Tennessee. NOBTS will offer a Graduate degree program, while LCU will continue to offer their undergraduate degree program. The certificate center will be moving from FBC Athens to University Baptist Church in Huntsville under the leadership of Dr. Bobby Burt. Graduate classes will meet on Mondays and certificate classes will meet on Thursday nights. Classes offered in the Fall will include: Proclaiming the Bible, Spiritual Formation, Intro to Hebrew, and Pastoral Ministry. “Our main focus is to provide a strong weekly in-class program” Cofield said, “but we will utilize CIV, when needed.” Classes start August 18, 2014. For more information about the Huntsville Center please contact David Cofield at HuntsvilleCenter@nobts.edu or call 256-810-7640. You can like them on Facebook: North Alabama Center or follow them on Twitter: @NACNOBTS. For more information about the NOBTS extension center system please visit www.nobts.edu.

NOBTS Birmingham Center is an extension of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. For information regarding the Birmingham Center please visit our website

Zach Kendrick serves as the Director’s Assistant at the NOBTS Birmingham Center. He is responsible for the “Gatekeeper” campus newsletter. The articles of which are posted on this site.





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