The Lord Provides Ecuador Deposit in an Unexpected Way



by Zach Kendrick

Birmingham – New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary “does not exist merely to get an education or to give an education. We are here to change the world by fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandments through the local church and its ministries.” So says the description on the NOBTS website in regards to the core value “Mission Focus.” One of the ways NOBTS strives to have a mission focus is by providing mission opportunities for class credit. Yet, with tuition on top of the cost of a trip, it can be rather expensive for students. Such was the case for Matt Pope, one of Birmingham Center’s Leavell College students. Matt serves as the Associate Pastor at The Baptist Church at McAdory. He heard about the Ecuador Mission Trip scheduled for this summer and felt led to go. “I had heard of mission opportunities before, but there was not passion to go” he said, “but when this trip was offered I felt led to go.” He found out about the trip just two weeks before the  deposit of $500 was due on March 1st. “I told a class mate that I would pray about it, but if it didn’t happen I’d be ok,” he said. But the next day, the Lord answered his prayer in a big way. His family had paid too much on their escrow account and received a check for the overage amount. The amount on the check? $500. “I was thinking selfishly at first,” he said “I was excited to put it in the savings account, but my wife pointed out to me that it was the exact amount for the Ecuador deposit.” His wife will not be going with him on the trip, but will be praying for Matt and team that the Lord will use them. “At this point I don’t know where the rest of the funds will come from, or what [the Lord] has in store,” Matt said, “I just know he wants me to go.” Matt’s testimony is an example of where the Lord calls, he supplies. He calls his children to be obedient to his call and trust Him with the details. There is still space for anyone who wants to go. The deadline for the $500 deposit has been extended to April 20. To learn more about the trip or to sign up please contact Dr. Stephen Hall shall@northparkbc.org. Trip fees can be paid online at www.northparkbc.org 




NOBTS Birmingham Center is an extension of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. For information regarding the Birmingham Center please visit our website

Zach Kendrick serves as the Director’s Assistant at the NOBTS Birmingham Center. He is responsible for the “Gatekeeper” campus newsletter. The articles of which are posted on this site.




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