NOBTS Birmingham Contributes to Winter Storm Relief

On Tuesday morning the city of Birmingham woke up like normal as kids went to school and adults went to work. However, by midmorning everyone’s routine was interrupted by Winter Storm Leon that was predicted to hit 125 miles south. At 9:30am flurries began to fall and within an hour Birmingham was in a gridlock of snow and ice. The winter storm took the city by surprise and by lunchtime all of the roads in the Birmingham area were frozen and thousands of motorists were stranded trying to get home or unite with family members. Many people abandoned their vehicles in an attempt to make it home or shelter on foot. Yet, hundreds of people were forced to sleep in their vehicles as they could not get home. Immediately after the storm the staff of Brookhills took action to make the church an official shelter. Within hours dozens of people flocked to the church to seek refuge, many of which abandoned their cars and walked to the church. More than fifty people were forced to spend the night at the church.

NOBTS Birmingham helped contribute to the relief effort by sharing snacks and drinks that had been purchased for the snack table, as the Brookhills staff made preparations to feed those who sought shelter. Though the unexpected winter storm brought the city of Birmingham to a stand still for two days, NOBTS classes resumed Thursday afternoon. All classes are set to meet as scheduled next week.


NOBTS Birmingham Center is an extension of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. For information regarding the Birmingham Center please visit our website

Zach Kendrick serves as the Director’s Assistant at the NOBTS Birmingham Center. He is responsible for the “Gatekeeper” campus newsletter. The articles of which are posted on this site.


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