New Extension Center in Tuscaloosa

By Zach Kendrick

Birmingham – During a trustee meeting on October 8, 2013 the NOBTS Board of Trustees approved a new extension center in Tuscaloosa. The new extension center will meet at Forest Lake Baptist Church under the leadership of director Billy Austin, (please see interview on page 2). Three years ago, the Lord moved the hearts of Tusca- loosa area ministers to open a seminary extension center in the greater West Alabama area. After years of prayer

and meeting with seminary leaders the extension center has now become a reality. Classes will officially begin in January 2014, offering both graduate and under- graduate certificate courses. Currently, History of Christi- anity 2 and Systematic The- ology 2 will be offered as graduate certificate courses in January on Tuesdays. However, the long-term goal of the extension center is to offer the full graduate and undergraduate degree program. Students can ex- pect to see the full schedule

of classes offered in August 2014. For more information on the new Tuscaloosa Cen- ter please contact Billy Austin by email: bibby- bama@gmail.com or by phone: (205) 339-2273. Addi- tional Alabama Centers ap- proved during the trustee meeting were a Huntsville Center, meeting at Heritage Bible College and the Rains- ville Center, meeting at FBC Rainsville. For more informa- tion on NOBTS extension centers please visit http://www.nobts.edu/extensions.



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