Student Scholarships Available for the Fall

                 Birmingham—It is hard to believe that the spring semester is almost behind us. In roughly a month the Birmingham Center will let out for summer break. But before you start making plans to head the beach, you need to make plans on how you will pay for your classes in the fall. Do you find it difficult to pay tuition each semester? Are you tired of student loans? We want to make you aware of some funding through the seminary that can help you pay for classes in the fall. You must ask yourself two questions (1) Am I a current student at Leavell College or NOBTS? (2) Do I plan to take at least two classes in the fall? If you said yes to both of those questions then you qualify for the Current Student Scholarship. Funding is awarded based on the funds allotted each semester, and they vary each semester. However, it is an excellent way to help pay for tuition. How to apply? Visit www.nobts.edu and click on the Fall scholarships link on the homepage. Fill out the application and you will know during the summer if you have been awarded a scholarship for the fall. If you have any questions feel free to contact Owen Nease at the Financial Aid Office 504.282.4455 ext. 3348 or email financialaid@nobts.edu.



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