It’s Never Too Late to Start Those Papers!

Birmingham – A new semester has begun which means new challenges are on the horizon. Maybe your syllabus shock has worn off, as you realize that out of the four classes you are taking you have eight papers to write! How did that happen? I know that many of your papers are not due for a few months, but it is never too late to get started. Never fear, your friends at the Library are here to help! We would like to put some resources in your hand that will help you be successful this semester.

The Birmingham Extension Center Library maintains a collection of more than 2,600 volumes. We have multiple commentaries for each Old and New Testament book. We also have multiple resources available for theology, counseling, church growth, pastoral ministry, biblical languages, etc. Another great resource are the many theological journals we have in house. These are not available for check out, but copies can be made of any article you need. We also have access to online databases for the latest research in psychology, counseling, and theological journals, etc.

NOBTS students also have access to the Samford University Libraries. Simply present your NOBTS student ID to the front desk. Don’t forget about the John T. Christian Library on the Main Campus. You can checkout books from the main campus and they will ship them to you. Needless to say you should not have trouble finding the resources you need for those papers this semester.

If you have any questions about the Birmingham library or would like to request the login information for online journals see Zach.

If you have any questions about the main campus library and our resources please call 504.816.8018 or visit http://www.nobts.edu/library.


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