Meet New Student…James Choi

In this week’s edition we feature a Korean/American student who is in his first semester here at NOBTS. Meet James Choi from Montgomery.

Q. Where did you grow up?

A. I grew up mainly in Atlanta and in Montgomery but I was born in New Work.


Q. Briefly describe your salvation experience?

A. I took part mainly in church retreat with short-lived experiences of spiritual highs that only temporarily changed my habits rooted deeply to my addiction to pornography and in general a sinful lifestyle. However, one day as I confessed my sin in my bedroom, the Holy Spirit intervened and I truly repented from my sin and was set free from it all. That summer consisted of long nights in prayer and worship. I grew to know the Lord.
Q. Briefly tell me about your call to ministry.

A. My path crossed with so many youth and I found myself leading the youth and to worship through music at my church early in high school. God affirmed that heart in me and I grew to have a passion for youth and worship.
Q. Are you married?

A. I hope soon. I lack patience.
Q. Where do you serve in ministry or work?

A. I serve as a youth leader and worship helper at Evergreen Korean Presbyterian Church but my membership lies at Gateway Baptist Church serving with the youth there and on the worship team there also.


Q. What is your favorite hobby?

A. Singing. I love to use my talents to invite people to worship with me as the Holy Spirit moves in them to draw others to Himself.
Q. What is your favorite sport to watch and/or play?

A. I do not really watch sports but I love playing some ping-pong and some tennis. Maybe because I am Korean.
Q. What has been your favorite seminary class so far?

A. My favorite has definitely been Spiritual Formations. I enjoy hearing other people and their thoughts in a more informal, discussion setting. That is such a rewarding experience. I learn so much from them.
Q. What is your favorite verse in Scripture?

A. That is hard, but one on my heart currently is Romans 12:1-2, We are to present our lives as a sacrifice as we are being transformed by the renewing of our minds to know His will for us. It is essential that we do not forget why we are here. We study because we love Jesus.
Q. How did you decide to come to NOBTS?

A. Through prayer and godly counsel. Where I am living and staying close to my girlfriend allowed NOBTS to play a large part in my decision.

Q. What are you most looking forward to about seminary?

A. I am looking forward to the discipline and wisdom acquired through seminary. I hope and pray that it builds a foundation for my life in my future endeavors in my spiritual life.


Q. What do you hope the Lord does through you in seminary?

A. I pray that the Lord would make me a man of God and that He would use me for His glory in the future.




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